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Way back in 2014—when a reel was just a cylinder of film, and when TikTok was a hit Kesha song —lifestyle bloggers were the rulers of social media. And I was determined to be one. 

I’d done everything in my power to learn the ins and outs of content creation, social media, and marketing - and, turns out, hard work really does pay off, because the most validating thing that can possibly happen to an aspiring blogger happened to me: brands started reaching out.

…which is how, nine years later, I’ve ended up here—a true full-circle moment. 

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One thing led to another, and I ended up an accidental freelancer, as more and more brands asked me to create their blog posts and social media content. 

But I have to admit: I missed blogging, sharing lifestyle content, and recommending the latest food & wellness picks.

because the world of social media is meant to be social, and building deeper connections comes from sharing personal stories.


So, while this blog will definitely be full of social media marketing resources for business owners like you, there’ll also be a sprinkle of that 2014 lifestyle blogger energy, 

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It’s been a few years since I started managing my client’s email marketing, but it’s not something I talk about a lot – social is still my bread and butter.  However, over the years I’ve noticed that email marketing is an incredible marketing channel for building relationships, gathering customer feedback, and maybe most importantly: driving […]

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Hi, I’m Sarah Price—Social Media Manager, Content Strategy Expert, Trend Forecaster, & Online Presence Upgrader for Food & Wellness Brands. 

(If I’m being honest, though, those 4 titles are just a fancy way of me explaining all the ways I can help you leverage social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok to grow your community, build your customer base, and get more sales.) 

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