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Frequently Asked Questions

All I need to get started is a little bit of your time and some insight into your business. You can read more about my onboarding process right here—or you can schedule a discovery call by filling out the above form & we can chat in detail! 

Just 3 things: an established brand identity, a clear idea of who your ideal customer is, and photography! 

I recommend working with a photographer on a quarterly basis so you have a continuous flow of new, timely, and relevant photography to keep your social media presence fresh, cohesive, and on-trend.

Absolutely! Social media is a visual platform and to catch your customer's eyes you need beautiful photos, scroll-stopping graphics, and entertaining video. And as a social media manager I can say those photos are beyond important. They're the foundation - they build your feed, your stories, and sometimes even your reels.

Quality product photography allows you to show up consistently because you'll have a steady stream of content, it allows you to present your brand and products in a way that appeals to your customer, and product photography is useful beyond social - you can use these photos in your email newsletters, on your website, even in your digital ads.

You bet! When you’re reaching out, all you need to do is add a note that you’d like to customize one of my packages and we can create a custom plan during our discovery call. 

No, but I can refer you to some kick-ass people that do! I can also recommend other talented creatives that can handle other aspects of your business’s marketing efforts, like photography, package design, and more. 

Hi! I’m Sarah & I’m a community-focused social media manager for food and wellness brands who want to elevate their online presence, build an engaged customer base, and—most importantly—stop spending so much freaking time managing their socials. 

The only thing I love more than sipping on the latest on-trend beverage is helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses with the latest social media strategies. 

And, of course, simultaneously tapping into my creative and analytical sides to provide my clients with the best possible social media management services. 

…sound like something you want to learn more about? 


“If you’re looking to amp up
your social media game, Sarah is the right person for the job.” 

- Kelly, Founder of Deew Beauty & Wellness

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