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The Brand 

Well.ca is an e-commerce retailer in Guelph, Ontario that helps Canadians live happier, healthier lives.

On their website you’ll find all kinds of health and wellness products from the latest brands {hello tinctures, supplements, and adaptogenic everything!}, you’ll find the most on-trend beauty products, everything you need for the whole family, and don’t even get me started about the food and snacks. It’s damaging for the wallet, let me tell ya. 

All this to say, Well.ca truly is #WellnessDelivered right to your door. They make staying on top of your health and wellness easy, right from home. There’s over 40,000 products so browsing and discovering what’s new is lots of fun. 

Some of my regular purchases include the Vega Sport Protein, Kite Adaptogenic Tea, and Rainbo Mushroom’s Lion Mane Tincture.  

Goals & Deliverables

After freelancing for a year or so, in January 2019 I joined the Well.ca team full time as their Social Media Manager. 

Our first goal was to take a more strategic approach to their social and content marketing channels, which is how I became so in love with strategy. I saw the results without a strategy, the results with a strategy, and never looked back. 

Among other deliverables I managed the organic Well.ca social media channels, community engagement, and content marketing. 

the solutions

Once a strategy was in place, our goals included community growth and engagement, driving sales, and determining how to market the Well.ca brand rather than the products they sold.

If you’re a retailer you’ll know that it can be a tricky balance but with time, a lot of testing, and a lot of social listening, I created a unique voice for the brand and worked with the photography and design teams to create a particular look and feel for the social media accounts that allowed us to stand out as a brand.

This helped us convert profile views into followers, and followers into customers.  

Our Favourite Parts

My favourite part was building the brand’s social media presence into more than a sales channel! It became a community-building marketing channel that allowed us to gather feedback directly from customers to improve our product selection, marketing efforts, and overall brand strategy. 

We did this by providing the always-talked about *valuable content*.

Going beyond sales and products helped us position the brand as a trusted source of wellness information and allowed us to build meaningful relationships with our customers. We also utilized customer reviews and feedback, turning tweets into Instagram posts for social proof. 

Instagram reach increased by


impressions increased by


instagram following increased by...



.... growing the community to over 130,000 followers

"Sarah has transformed our social media presence, building it from the ground up.

- Senior Marketing Manager at Well.ca

Her commitment to elevating each brand she works with through thoughtful content, community engagement, influencer strategies, and keeping up with trends while trying new formulas for enhanced engagement is unmatched by any social media manager I’ve worked with.

Working with Sarah means gaining access to an absolute wealth of social media expertise, incredible organization skills, and thoughtful analysis about what works for your brand and how to grow your business’s online presence. She is a delight to work with, and truly treats every brand as if it’s her own. I highly recommend working with Sarah, she is an exceptional addition to any team.” 


Well.ca in-house Content & Design Teams

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