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The Brand 

StayAbove Nutrition formulates premium, Canadian-made supplements that are scientifically backed to help you feel better, train harder, and live longer. 

Think supplements like the bestselling Muscle 5 All-In-One Shake that ensures athletes get high-quality protein, along with essential vitamins and minerals. Or the customer-favourite Creatine 1, a supplement to improve strength and performance. 

The company was founded with one mission - to provide Canadians with the next standard in nutritional supplements. Instead of leaning on the research of others, the in-house research team meticulously creates and tests each product, committed to a very high standard. 

Goals & Deliverables

In August 2022, the StayAbove Nutrition team came to me looking for help with their social media. Their main goal was to find a way to balance all of the important science and information they have to share (afterall, they’re a team of research scientists!) with the entertaining, sometimes cheeky nature of social media. 

After auditing their current performance and creating a community-first, data-driven social media strategy, we created goals around brand awareness and getting more customers onto their website to learn about the products and of course, add them to cart. 

Our work together has focused on organic social media management and email marketing. 

the solutions

To accomplish our goals, we created a detailed content plan and a realistic social media posting schedule based on the StayAbove Nutrition product suite, available photography, and the different themes we wanted to cover on a regular basis.

With a team of research scientists behind the brand, we’re able to access all kinds of information about health, nutrition, and supplements, and condense it into engaging social media posts. Graphics have been especially helpful in communicating a lot of information very quickly, because we know our attention spans are almost nonexistent these days!

I review performance on a weekly and monthly basis, giving us data to inform our decisions as we continue to evolve our marketing efforts to keep the StayAbove Nutrition community engaged. 

Our Favourite Parts

We have two favourite parts: graphics and collab posts! We use graphics very often to share a lot of information in a short and easy-to-understand format, whether it be information about the products or general health and wellness tips.

We also make use of Instagram’s collab feature to partner with brands in the same space. Collab posts help us maximize each partnership opportunity by reaching more people to grow our community and increase brand awareness. 

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“Sarah is a dream to work with. She’s a strategic thinker, who has a knack for quickly understanding your brand and how to elevate it on social media. 


Her organized processes will keep you on track, while always having an ear to the ground for what’s trending in your industry. If you’re looking for a kind, sharp mind to take ownership of your social media, Sarah is your person.”


Product Photography by Emberloop
In-House Team Members at StayAbove Nutrition

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