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The Brand 

Lake & Oak Tea Co. creates plant-powered wellness in a cup with clean, functional, and delicious superfood tea and latte blends.   

Think blends like the customer-fave {and oh-so-grounding} Turmeric Ginger Tonic, calming Ashwagandha + Chill, sleep-supporting Lavender Dreams, and my personal favourite: Mega Matcha for a smooth boost of energy. Oh and you can’t forget Gut Love and Rose Hibiscus Glow, both of which are constantly being cold-brewed in my kitchen. 

Tea recommendations aside, Lake & Oak Tea Co. stands out with quality ingredients; flavourful combinations; multi-purpose blends that amp up your morning cup, favourite smoothie, or baked goods; and adaptogens & superfoods to pack each blend with wellness benefits.

Lake & Oak was founded by recipe-developer, writer, and non-diet nutritionist Meredith Youngson in 2017 when she was searching for a natural remedy for her anxiety and digestive troubles. Her passion for plants as medicine, and knack for creative flavour combinations lead her to the kitchen to create the brand’s signature tea blends. 

Meredith’s welcoming approach to wellness takes the brand to the next level. You’ll never hear about calorie comparisons or food judgement, establishing the brand as the go-to for anyone and everyone looking to sip and bliss out. 

Goals & Deliverables

In February 2021 Meredith came to me looking to outsource her social media management. The brand was growing and her time to manage social was…not 😅 

She wanted support looking ahead and planning her seasonal and promotional content, growing her community and engagement, and using the imagery from her photographer more effectively. 

After diving into the brand and creating an audit & strategy, we decided to create goals around product education and community growth. 

Our work together originally focused on organic social media management and several months in we added email marketing to further clear up Meredith’s plate for all things product and business development. 


To accomplish our goals, we created a detailed content plan to achieve each goal and a social media posting schedule that worked for us based on the Lake & Oak product suite, available photography, and the many themes we wanted to cover on a regular basis. 

Meredith and I both come from a blogging background which has helped us create a lot of content-heavy social media posts like recipes, round-ups, and collaborations. 

I review performance on a weekly and monthly basis, and once we hit a year of working together I was able to start reviewing performance on a yearly basis, giving us lots of data to inform our decisions. We review this performance together and use our insights to plan future social media content to keep the Lake & Oak audience engaged with all things tea, superfoods, and self-care. 

Our Favourite Parts

Without a doubt it’s memes & graphics! While Lake & Oak Tea Co. might be a food and beverage business, it’s also a wellness brand with health-boosting superfoods and adaptogens that deserve to be shown off in all their glory.

We accomplish this with easy-to-digest graphics that the community can save and refer back to when they want to revisit their wellness routine. And who doesn’t love a cheeky meme to make their community feel seen?


Instagram ENGAGEMENT increased by


instagram followers increased by




.... growing the community to over 130,000 followers

"Working with Sarah is both wonderfully fun, and a valuable asset to my business. Sarah is curious, creative, and analytical; a wizard at balancing style with substance, and vision with results. 

- Meredith Youngson, Founder of Lake & Oak Tea Co.

Not only is she great at paying attention to the little details, but her artistic flair and style makes our social stand apart. Sarah has transformed our social media strategy from “go with the flow” to “plan, create, and analyze”. I feel confident and excited about our online presence and community with Sarah at the helm.” 


2021 product photography by Jocelynne Flor
2022-24 product photography by Jules Lee
Package design by Sarah Gwan & Giuliana Bandiera

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